Frozen Dumplings

Enjoy an exquisite range of delicious dumplings at Oriental Shop, from Japanese Gyoza dumpling to Hot Chicken flavour dumpling.  A wide popular  selection of meat, noodle and vegetable dumplings for all taste and requirements.

Pan fried, steamed or boiled Frozen Dumpling, all so good!!   

Small parcel, bite size dumplings filled with magical flavours that taste out of this world.

What is frozen dumpling?

  • frozen dumpling has been prepared, filled, and then frozen for preservation. Dumplings are typically made by wrapping dough around a filling, which can consist of meat, vegetables, seafood, or tofu. Dumplings are normally frozen to maintain their freshness.

What are the ways I can eat my frozen dumpling?

  • Depend on your personal taste preference and cultural traditions, there are many choices,  add the frozen dumplings to a pot of boiling broth or soup to create a hearty meal.  You can pan fry or steam the dumplings and them add them to a bed of greens and other vegetables to form a salad.  You can also pan fried or steam them and accompany them with noodles, fried rice or other vegetable dishes.

Do we have a “best” frozen dumpling?

  • the “best” frozen dumpling is subjective and can vary depending on personal taste preferences.  However, here are a few factors to consider when choosing frozen dumplings:  The most important is the type of filling that suits your taste, some dumplings are suited a little bit better for  either boiling or pan fried, you can consider a more reputable brand with known high quality ingredients and authentic flavours.