Experience a vibrant culinary dishes from Singapore with our Singaporean Cuisine collection. Expand your culinary dishes with spice-kicking laksa soup, savoury satay curries or stews and seasoned hainanese chicken rice.

Explore a variety of ingredients and products from our Singaporean Selections. Try out our other selections from Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese and many more.

Stir up the pot of flavours with Singapore Cuisine!

Taste a multitude of flavours influenced by Western Asian cuisines creating a diversity of rich flavours and dishes.

What do I look for within the Singaporean cuisine section?

What kind of food to start making or look for in this section?

  • Start by taking a recipe and creating well-known dishes from Singaporean cuisine. Try cooking flavourful Hainanese Chicken Rice of chicken with fragrant rice cooked in chicken stock with delicious garlic chilli sauce and light soy sauce. Then try Char Kway Teow of rice noodles with prawns, sausage and more savoury meats and accompanying vegetables.