Embark on culinary dishes from Indonesia with our Indonesian Cuisine collection. Create dishes with choices of ingredients making nasi goreng, and satay and have a burst of unique and aromatic spices.

Explore a variety of ingredients and products from our Indonesian Cuisine collection. Try out other cuisines from Malaysian, Vietnamese, Filipino and more.

Harmonise with spices and tradition with Indonesian cuisine!

A cuisine rich in tapestry of bold flavours and vibrant spices giving a taste of a unique Indonesian culinary experience.

What do I look for within the Indonesian cuisine section?

  • Grab some recipes and use them to find the right ingredients that you will need to cook Indonesian dishes from sauces, to seasonings. Then maybe add some products to use alongside ingredients from frozen fish to frozen tempeh.

What kinds of food to start making or look for in this section?

  • Start by making well-known beef rendang a curry that has spiciness and is rich in flavour, along with a tender beef great for a dish. Then have a go with Nasi Uduk a aromatic dish cooking rice with coconut milk, then having fried chicken with some nasi sauce.