Experience the rich and diverse tastes in China from our Chinese Cuisine collection. Cook up delicious savoury dumplings, Peking duck or enhance flavours with Sichuan and five spices.

Explore a selection of ingredients and spices within our Chinese Cuisine collection. Try out other selections like Japanese, Korean and Thai.

Savour the dishes of China’s culinary dishes!

Discover more tasty dishes from China and add more ingredients to your kitchen.

What do I look for within the Chinese cuisine section?

  • Find the right ingredients that you need to cook your chosen Chinese dishes, from sauces, marinades and seasonings. There are frozen foods, pre-made and preserved foods that can be cooked for sides like dumplings, fish balls and many more.

What kind of foods to start making or look for in this section?

  • Start by making well-known dishes like Mapo Tofu a savoury and spicy tofu stew using ready-made sachets, sauces and seasonings. Peking roast duck with duck marinade and dipping sauces grabbing from brands like Lee Kum Kee. Then choose from a selective buns or dumplings to put along as sides.